We want science to be open, break disciplinary boundaries and reach front-line practitioners. We want to make it possible for everyone to achieve research goals with new technologies. Furthermore, as the amount of collected scientific data is already enormous and continually growing at an ever-accelerating rate, the efficient managing, sharing, using and interpreting of big data has become a critical challenge - a challenge we aspire to help solve. We seek for passionates like us to build the global network for cooperation.

Our goal

Our goal is to develop open knowledge, methods and tools that are useful in biological research and nature conservation. We also want to help process information from various sources and fields of research, making it easier to manage, use and share for everyone.

What we do

We create and disseminate analytical tools and software for analyzing nature data. We conduct our own research and support other scientific teams. We support the organization of conferences and scientific seminars. We also conduct workshops and trainings, and patronize exhibitions and competitions as well as scientific expeditions.